Nov 16, 2016

16112016 strawberry vanilla

So today I wanted to talk about how I treat my face. I must admit that I am a little bit of careless about that. I just forget and once I see my skin is turning into a mess, I really wonder why do I do this to myself?? A few times ago I had a very healthy routine - I did face masks about one or two times a week. My skin has never looked as good as then. 
Winter is here and when the sun doesn't shine that much anymore, automatically I have some trouble with my skin. 
I find face masks very helpful! Of course the primitive facial routines, aswell. For example I must always wash my make-up off, otherwise I will just feel as a dry and dirty sponge.

So this face mask I used today was from Estonian company Signe Seebid (Maasika-Vanilje/Strawberry-Vanilla). I got it for my birthday and I love it! It smells good and definitely works well, too.
It is said that the mask nourishes the skin, including vitamins A and C, iron and also calcium. Also it will care and clean your skin. If you are interested then here's the link -

NB! Sorry about my poor quality pictures, I wish I could do something about them, but sadly at night times the lightning is so poor that it's hard to take pictures without dazzling flash or the quality suffers. That's the reason why I haven't posted a lot. I want to take good quality pictures, but at the moment it's possible only with the daylight. But I'll try to fix it as soon as I can :)

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