Feb 12, 2017

Blue sharp cut crease look tutorial with VIDEO!

Hey lovelies! I think I'm getting more and more into this filming thing. I do not only love the filming process, I love the editing, too. I might sound so egocentric person, but right after I finished editing this video for the look, I just watched it so many times. I know that I have some room to improve myself and it's far from perfect, but I seriously consider investing in good lighting and camera etc. I seriously enjoy creating the content this way.

Talking about the look,
I decided I want to try something more colorful this time. I have to admit that I actually own zero colorful palettes! It's something I have to change soon. So this blue shade from Make Up Store (Lagoon) was the one I found from my shelf and I decided to use it for the look. I actually like how edgy this came out.

ALSO THIS IS THE FIRST CUT CREASE LOOK I ACTUALLY DIDN'T FAIL! So I was happy about the look too. Of course there are people who could do this much better than me, but hey I will grow and be better at it, I promise!

If you'd like to recreate this look, you'll find my video at the end of the post.

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  1. This look looks gorgeous,wish I had skills as good as your's! x


  2. thank you sweetheart! Practicing makes perfect, so I suggest you to practice and you can archive great skills :)