Dec 10, 2016


Today I went make-up shopping! As my 19th birthday is approaching, I decided spend money on my looks. I bought 50 euros worth of make-up! For a make-up guru it isn't much of a makeup, but for sure it is a lot of money! A spontaneous idea as it was, I decided not to give myself time to think. I needed a new foundation and other things. 

So as always after buying new make-up products, I wanted to try these out! Let me know what you think! 
From these things which I bought, I used: Rimmel Brow This Way brow palette, Max Factor Lipfinity in shade Spicy, Revlon foundation in shade Buff/Chamois, Max Factor concealer. 
I liked all of these products! Can't say any bad words, only that the Lipfinity is quite drying, but I think I am still going to use it a lot. 

As you can see, today I got - Rimmel Brow This Way, Max Factor concealer, Max Factor Lipfinity in shade Spicy, Essence green eyeliner (only 0,65€ so why not), Revlon foundation (FINALLY I BOUGHT MYSELF A FOUNDATION THAT MATCHES MY SKINTONE!), Max Factor red lipstick which I got as a gift for buying already 2 Max Factor products.

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