Dec 24, 2016

24122016 holidays

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Now I am 19 years old.
Today we celebrated Christmas and my stomach is still so-so full! This year there is no snow and therefore my holiday spirits are not too high. Now I just want to stay at home and not to do anything at all, just vegetate and sleep. 
As my birthday is just a few days before Christmas, I get all my presents in one week. This year I didn't have any special wishes, just make-up. And I am so-so pleased with my presents.


From my loveliest friends Iti and Leenu I got a body lotion and a raspberry-rhubarb scented candle by Joik.
I got Urban Decay AllNighter makeup setting spray, eyeshadow primer portion and two brushes from Maarit and my brother!
This sponge from Masters Colors Paris, Nude'tude, Giorgio Armani's perfume and eyebrow razor from my mother.

Although I already have Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, I still got 2 things from my wishlist - makeup setting spray and Nude'tude palette. I am very thankful for every present! 

I've already had a chance to try the eyeshadow palette out. I have only good words to say! Colors are great, pigmentation is great, shimmer  shades are shimmery. 

You may think - well why don't I post any pictures of my looks then? The problem is, with my eyelash extensions I don't feel like my eye look is complete. I don't want to use fake eyelashes on my eyelash extensions either, but I really feel that eyelash extensions are for those who are just lazy and don't want to waste time for everyday makeup. 
For dramatic looks, I NEED MY FALSIES!!! 
But the quality of the palette is good! 

I haven't had a chance to try out the sponge yet, but as soon as I do, I will let you know. I wonder, if there is a difference comparing to the Beautyblender...

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  1. Oh väga lahe!
    Tee ikka meigist pilti ka! Ja tõmba käe peale triipe! Tahan värve näha