Dec 26, 2016

26122016 nude'tude palette

Hello everybody!
Today I haven't done nothing special, except for make-up. I tried new products and tried to be creative with older ones.
Click read more to see which look I created

(in the picture there is a mistake - it should be Sultry, not Suitry) 
For eyes I used my new baby - theBalm's NUDE'tude eyeshadow palette. To create the look, I used: 
1. Sultry on the crease
2. Sexy to deepen the look
3. Selfish on the lid
4.Stand-offish in the middle of the lid
My favourite shade from the palette is definately Sexy. The most used shade is so far Sultry, it is a great color to use on crease and it blends off very easily. I see myself using it a lot. 

In my last post I talked about my new sponge, which reminded me a beautyblender and I wondered, if it works the same... Today I tried it out and the result is - I think I may like it even a little better than the original beautyblender.
In the picture, on the left it is the original beautyblender and on the right it is Masters Colors Paris high precision foundation sponge. The Masters Colors Paris sponge was a bit tenser than beautyblender and when I dampened it, it became even bigger than beautyblender. It was pretty easy to blend and I really-really recommend it.
In the picture below you can see which products I used to create this look.

Before any make-up products.
In the pictures below there are my finished look.  

Tell me what you think! It took really long time to create this look... Maybe that's because I didn't have to go anywhere and I really tried hard! I even contoured my nose, but I think I can't do that very well or just it makes my nose muddy and I'm not a big fan of this nose contouring.
By the way, fun fact - I used my Rimmel  Brow This Way palette to contour my face. I was tired of always  using the same contouring shade and I wanted to try something new... and I like the result! Yesterday, when I tried it out for the first time, I think I overdid it a bit. But today - perfect!

Do you also use something someway that is not meant to be used? What do you think about NUDE'tude palette?

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  1. Aitäh, et minu eelmise kommentaari soovid täitsid! :)
    Väga ilus, ausalt!

    1. Teen kõik, et mu blogilugejatel meel hea oleks! :)
      Aitäh ilusate sõnade eest!!

  2. Ah, you look so pretty! I've been meaning to learn how to use eyeshadow for the longest time. Perhaps that could be my New Year's Resolution, lol.
    Ela |

    1. Thank you for the sweet words! And I think your idea is great! It takes some practice but I'm sure you'll be able to discover new tricks which will make you happy! :)