Jan 5, 2017

05012017 new year

Happy new year to all of my dear followers!

from the left - me, Iti, Leenu 

New years eve was fun for me, so I hope the year itself is fun for me aswell! I have a lot of plans I want to do this year, and
I WILL DO THEM! I'm tired of always dreaming and dreaming and then being sad because I just don't do anything to achieve my goals. 2017 I don't just dream. 2017 I dream and fulfill my dreams.

Before heading out at new year's eve, me and Leenu went to Iti's place and I did Iti's make-up. Actually I did only eye make-up. Iti has quite the same look I tried to create for myself, but as always I feel Iti's look is better. I didn't feel good about my own makeup look. I need to practice more.

How did the new year start for you? Do you have some sort of to-do list, aswell?

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  1. Väga ilus meik oli, aitäh Maria! :)

  2. Minu aasta algas samuti hästi! Sõbrantsid mul tegid nalja ja mul oli lõbus neid vaadata :D
    Ma to-do listi ei teinud, aga peas on mõned mõtted :)

    1. tore, kui nalja sai! loodan, et sõbrantsidel oli ka naljakas siis.
      ja vaata et kindlasti need mõtted siis enda peas ka ellu viid!

  3. The make-up you did for me for the Christmas was the start for trying to do make-up also for other not only yourself? :)

    1. Well, I like to try new looks and styles and I think I would feel empty when I only can manage to create these looks on myself. It is not that easy as it may look, to create beautiful looks on others. Therefore I want to practice on others too, yes. :)